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Gasket and Sealing

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About Us
Jemal Sealing Technology Sdn Bhd (JST) was formed in 1996 as a joint venture with
South Korea's largest gasket manufacturer, JEIL E & S Co., Ltd.

JST manufactures Spriral Wound Gasket and Metal Clad/Jacketed gasket and also
distributes various other gasket and sealing products primarily targeting the oil & gas
and petrochemical industries in Malaysia. JST carries the JEIL brand of products from
Korea as well our own JST metallic gaskets products and other branded gasket and
sealing Products.

Products Available : - Spiral Wound Gaskets - JST Brand. - Metal Jacketed Gaskets. - Solid Metal gaskets - RTJs, Serrated Metal, Plain, Lens type. - CAF & CNAF gaskets - precut or sheet form. - Glandpacking. - Graphite gaskets - pure, tanged insert and foil insert. - PTFE gaskets - Solid or Envelope type. - Insulating materials - glass fibre, asbestos cloth, ceramic cloth. - Gasket/Flange Insulation kits - JEIL, KLINGER & PIKOTEK brand. - Rubber gask... [Details]